Self-mentoring Compass Cards

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  • Self-mentoring Compass Cards
  • Self-mentoring Compass Cards
  • compass cards
  • compass cards

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Compass Cards is a set of self-mentoring cards to guide you through obstacles and sort your thoughts. 

When we feel lost, we tend to look outside ourselves for answers. The questions mean well, but their power lay in a new direction. The key to unlocking your path is to look in. Compass Cards is a methodology to guide you home to you.

Originally created to be a tool to help life coaches develop mastery of their craft, compass cards™ was redesigned to be a self-coaching tool.

The cards are Reiki-infused and with gold-gilded edges.

Be .Feel. Think. Do


Cady Macon puts people on a path. As an intuitive guide (...and certified Co-Active coach), Macon’s helped NASA employees, New York Times bestselling authors, CEOs, Hall of Fame speakers, Stanford professors, entrepreneurs, athletes, baristas, psychic mediums, accountants, creatives, yogis, students, and hundreds of others lead more authentic lives through her guidance.