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Juicier Luxury Face Oil is packed with 11 luxurious, organic ingredients that show the proven ability to revolutionise the skin’s appearance, feel, and overall level of health. Healthy skin is radiant, dewy, and remarkably beautiful! Suitable for All Skin Type , especially combination skin and sensitive skin mostly for women. 

Super-man Luxury Face Oil  is packed with the all-natural, organic healing power of 11 ingredients to fight off even the worst skin problems with a feather light feel. This formula is combined in perfect amounts to rush to your skin’s rescue like a true super hero. Suitable for All Skin type mostly for Men and Oily Skin for Women.

Radiant-Preg Luxury Face Oil is designed specifically for the needs of pregnant women and sensitive skin, the Radiant Preg Luxury Face Oil combines 7 organic ingredients for a revitalizing experience that helps your skin find healing. Traumatized skin can be protected from common hormonal pregnancy skin problems like excess sebum, sensitivity, acne and brown spots.This is made safer and effective for pregnant women than typical women beauty product made for mass market. Many chemicals are deem dangerous for pregnancy. Suitable for Pregnancy, Mature and Dry Skin mostly for Women. To be use at night. 

Tips on how to use Face Oil 

Method A

1) Spritz your face with any natural Mist, while it is wet

2) Pat 2-4 drops of face oil all over your moist face 

Method B 

1) Wash your face thoroughly, while it is wet

2) Pat 2-4 drops of face oil all over your moist face 

-you do not need extra toner, moisturiser or serum , these are all you need after cleansing  your skin.

-It is recommended that you put on sunscreen product in the day after these simple beauty regime. 

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