Dirty Pink- Work Like A Sponge Treatment Mask

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  • Dirty Pink- Work Like A Sponge Treatment Mask
  • Dirty Pink- Work Like A Sponge Treatment Mask

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Sensitive Skin and Vitamins
A nourishing detox mask meant for sensitive skin to improve blood circulation, boost vitamin and execute a very gentle exfoliation without agitating the skin epidemis layer. 

Each set contains 6 sachets, a 3ml serum and an organic bamboo washcloth.

Suitable for Women, Men and all skin type especially
Very sensitive skin.

^Kaoline, ^Pink French Argiletz Clay, ^Zeoline, +Coconut Water, +Rice Maltodextrin, +Pomegranate, +Rosehip Oil (Rosa Canina), +Geranium Oil (Pelargonium Roseum), +Rosehip Extract (Rosa Canina)

+Ingredients obtain through organic farming
^Ingredients like minerals or clay that occur naturally and obtain from seabed or underground. 

Pour 1 sachet of mask into a non-metal small bowl, drop 3 drops of serum, choice of Face Mist and mix them into a thick paste. Apply thickly onto clean face, avoiding eye and mouth area. Clean off in 5-15 mins with wet washcloth. Do not wait till it is completely cracked dry. Kindly avoid metal utensils. 

Weekly Cleansing Pro System

Step 1: Herbal Face Steam 
Step 2: Work Like A Sponge Treatment Mask 
Step 3: Follow by Daily Treatment Routine