Dirty Yellow- Work Like A Sponge Treatment Mask

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  • Dirty Yellow- Work Like A Sponge Treatment Mask
  • Dirty Yellow- Work Like A Sponge Treatment Mask

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Brightening and Clarifying
Brightening skin without damaging the epidermis layer with harmful chemicals. All natural brightening mask to increase clarity of skin, reducing marks, age spot and uneven skin tone. 

Each set contains 6 sachets, a 3ml serum and an organic bamboo washcloth.

Suitable for Women, Men and all skin type.

Not suitable for Pregnancy.

^Kaoline, +Tumeric (Curcuma Aromatica), +Calendula Extract (Calendula Oleifera Seed Oil), +Carrot Extract (Daucus Carota)

+Ingredients obtain through organic farming
^Ingredients like minerals or clay that occur naturally and obtain from seabed or underground. 

Pour 1 sachet of mask into a non-metal small bowl, drop 3 drops of serum, choice of Face Mist and mix them into a thick paste. Apply thickly onto clean face, avoiding eye and mouth area. Clean off in 5-15 mins with wet washcloth. Do not wait till it is completely cracked dry. Kindly avoid metal utensils. 

Weekly Cleansing Pro System

Step 1: Herbal Face Steam 
Step 2: Work Like A Sponge Treatment Mask 
Step 3: Follow by Daily Treatment Routine