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Skin Analysis Result

You have got oily skin but dehydrated skin. Oily skin is usually developed through our habits, lifestyle but less likely inherited. Of course, it could happen due to hormonal changes as well.

Our skin naturally has the ability to protect our skin surface with oil sebum. Therefore, when your skin is overly dehydrated, it becomes more oily. Some of you might have started from healthy skin to combination skin and slowly to oily skin.

Our skin is protesting, and there could be a few key reasons.

Habits like over cleansing your skin with a very harsh cleanser that contains foaming/ cleaning agent. For some, when your skin gets oilier, you tend to wash it more, which will only contribute back to the problem.

The lifestyle-related problem could be caused by over-exposure to air-conditional weather conditions or the preference of water-based skin care products, which results in less nourishing skin care.

The hormonal problem could be caused by irregular sleeping, diet, puberty, or pregnancy could be the cause.

The best way to improve from oily skin but dehydrated skin is to use a more nourishing skin care routine, which is lightweight yet does not contain cream, lotion, or gel-based ingredients. These ingredients block pores and have little benefits to our skin. Avoid water-based products that are usually made of mostly water and therefore left with no room for nourishing ingredients.

Our body naturally has the ability to store water and absorb moisture from our environment, primarily when it is functioning well.

The goal is to ensure a very healthy skin foundation by using skincare filled with skin-benefiting superfood. This helps to strengthen our skin ability to store water, renew skin cells, and promote healing.

Our suggestions:

Step 1- Magic Wipe Cleansing Oil
This is both a make-up remover and end of the day cleanser.
Avoid using a harsh cleanser that is filled with cleansing/foaming agent. Instead, use an all botanical cleansing oil that helps to melt all make-up, sunscreen and dirt performing deep pore cleansing and removing of make-up without destroying our natural skin barrier.

Step 2- Rosy Mist
An alternative to toner and daily skin refresher. This is an all botanical toner made without alcohol or fragrance, which is very common in conventional products and will disrupt our skin protection. Rosy Mist helps to tone and hydrate skin.

Step 3- Juicier Luxury Face Oil
Face Oil can be used as a serum and moisturizer. Made of 11 organic certified skin superfood, Juicier can help to pack skin with multiple vitamins, anti-oxidants, and omegas to help build stronger skin health. The texture is very lightweight yet able to protect our skin throughout the day. Each of the supplements gets absorbed into the skin cells at a different rate to help protect skin throughout.

Weekly Treatment- Herbal Face Steam Blood Circulation and Pores
Herbal Face Steam is made of herbs that promote blood circulation by directly steaming the face. This will allow the benefits of the herbs directly absorbed by the bloodstream.

Beauty Routine for you:

Step 1
Make-up remover / cleanser
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Step 2
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Step 3
Moisturiser / Serum
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Herbal Face Steam
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