Singapore Founder's Dairy

Cissy Chen

Q1. Tell us how you would describe yourself?

A: I am an extroverted introvert. I am also mostly optimistic, driven, and sometimes an overthinker.


Q2. Tell us more about some of your earliest job, and how would you describe them? It could be summer jobs, part-time, full-time or entrepreneurial experience

A: I was trained as a designer and was in the industry for about 10 years. I have also done many sales jobs and some random part-time jobs such as being a surveyor, jewelry designer, cashier, data clerk during my school holidays. They were all very rewarding, teaching me every aspect of building a retail brand and learning many different types of corporate structures.


Q3. Do you remember the time that makes you decide on embarking a career as an entrepreneur?

A: It has always been on my mind from a young age. After working for about 10 years in design, my mind is trained to solve everyday problems with creative solutions. However, very often I don’t get to see those solutions through from zero to completion, especially if you are in a bigger corporation. I frequently partner with the marketing team, finance team, production team, and more, so I often wonder of those hundreds of possible outcomes. One day, I discover a problem and the solution; therefore, FRANSKINCARE was founded.


Q4. What do you think are some of the most essential character traits that make you the entrepreneur you are today?

A: How much I value freedom and passion have definitely shaped many of the decisions that I have made. Combine it with being relatively organized and curious about practically everything makes me who I am today.


As Singapore National day is around the corner, we would like to hear your Singapore story:

Q1. What are your early memories of Singapore, and what does Singapore mean to you?

A: Always think of Singapore as a clean, green, and safe place. It is my home among homes, where my friends and family are mostly based. Singapore is where I feel very safe and at ease.


Q2. What is your favorite place in Singapore, and what it means to you?

A: My favorite place is actually the night of Kallang River; it’s the perfect place to unwind with the backdrop of the Singapore Flyer and MBS.


Q3. What do you think drives skincare trends in Singapore?

A: Singaporeans are very savvy, and we get information from all social channels of influencers, beauty magazines all over the world.


FRANKSKINCARE is available on and store at #01-46 OUE Downtown Gallery