Eugenia Ye-Yeo (Mrs)
Founder of NODSPARK


Q1. Tell us how you would describe yourself ?

I am positive-natured, a team player, and am outgoing.



Q2. Tell us more about some of your earliest job, and how would you describe them? It could be summer jobs, part-time, full-time or entrepreneurial experience

Some of my earliest jobs include working as a waitress as one of my first jobs; holding a part-time role in an events company while studying in university; and doing an internship at a branding company. While they were all long-hour jobs, they help hone my skills in customer service, coordination work, and also showed me what makes a brand tick.



Q3. Do you remember the time that makes you decide on embarking a career as an entrepreneur?

I unknowingly enjoyed the transaction portion of doing a small business from way back when I was running small stalls at my primary school's carnivals. I remember coming up with innovative games to get customers to play at my stall, and till this day when I look back, I can recall so fondly the thrill that came with those moments.


I guess it was all the little things in life that nudged me to this career as an entrepreneur.



Q4. What do you think are some of the most essential character traits that make you the entrepreneur you are today?

Having self-motivation and being passionate about what I have to offer as a brand and company.


Q5. I know that other than Nodspark, you have co-founded another business, and have 2 kids. What are your tips in managing all of these ?

Stay selective in how you choose to spend your time, and if you're not the expert in a particular area, outsource that and let someone with more experience do it more efficiently. We don't need to be a superwoman in life, no one is keeping score. What matters more to me is that the time spent at every waking moment has quality, and that we don't waste it frivolously.



As Singapore National day is around the corner, we would like to hear your Singapore story:



Q1. What are your early memories of Singapore, and what does Singapore mean to you?

That it is beautiful, safe, and a place filled with pleasant memories. Singapore means home, a place where we can contribute our time and talents, a place where we can write our own history.



Q2. What is your favorite place in Singapore, and what does it mean to you?

The hawker centers -comfort food really makes my day! To me, hawker centers are the melting pot of diversity! Being at the hawker center is also a great reminder to me of how the generations before us have their success or survived: through the daily slow grind. And that we all can get by or even meet our goals if we keep a determined spirit and just keep going.



Q3. What do you think drives fashion/nail trends in Singapore?

I think anything and everything! You'll have to come do an internship with us and find out! :)



NODSPARKS is available at and our Flagship Store at #01-46 OUE Downtown Gallery, 6 Shenton Way.