Sabrina Goh
Founder of SABRINA GOH

Q1. What were some of your earliest job, and how would you describe them? It could be summer jobs, part-time, full-time or entrepreneurial experience
I was an intern stylist at Mediacorp Newspaper (Today). It’s an interesting job which allows me to work with celebrities and news reporters on a daily basis.

Q2. Do you remember the time that makes you decide on embarking a career as a fashion designer?
It was my dad who asked me if I want to be a fashion designer. Then I bought lots of fashion runway magazines and started to sketch during my secondary school.

Q3. What do you think are some of the most essential character traits that make you the designer you are today?
I am able to make decision.

Q4. How do these character traits complement or contrast with the character traits that make you the entrepreneur today?
I m not always a perfect entrepreneur however I think able to make decision enables me to make progress.

Q5. This year is Sabrina Goh the label’s 10th anniversary. As we all know, it is always easier to start an idea than to sustain one, and you have done it for 10 years, how did you manage it?
Just do it and persevere. Dreamer doesn’t quit, and you will outlast.


As Singapore National Day is around the corner, we would like to hear your Singapore story:

Q1. What are your early memories of Singapore, and what does Singapore mean to you?
I always regard Singapore is one of the cleanest places that I have ever visited. But that won’t be possible if people do not work together to upkeep their homeland. I remember a very dirty and smelly Kallang river, but now you can see all cleanup.

Q2. What is your favorite place in Singapore, and what it means to you?
My favorite place is Orchard Road. The busiest shopping district and you can find everything there- from local designs to high-end designer house brand.

Q3. What is your opinion on Singapore’s fashion and design industry’s future?
Who knows the future? But for us, we aim to build a stronger independent Singapore label.


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