Stephanie Dickson
Founder of Green Is The New Black

Q1.How would you describe yourself and would you say its different from how others say about you?

I am an Australian Scottish third culture kid as I grew up in Asia. I have always loved bringing people together, whether through events, parties, or social engagements. I flipped my life around over 4 years ago when I had an awakening and became an entrepreneur obsessed about sustainability and figuring out how to do my best for myself and the planet.

Interesting to think about what others would say about me, ha. It would depend on who you ask, but most people in my life would probably say I am very passionate about sustainability, hard-working.


Q2.Can you share some of the first few jobs that you have ever taken and briefly describe them ? ( it could be summer jobs, full-time, part-time, entrepreneurial experience)

My very first job was a babysitter for family friends. Then during Uni, I did telemarketing (rough!), a bit of cafe work, etc. I always loved being involved in events, and in high school, I was one of the sports captains and Uni part of my halls society and then the marketing society. I moved back to Singapore after Uni because I got my then dream job of working in fashion events. It was a little like Devil Wears Prada, but I loved it at the time and really learned how to do marketing and plan massive events there.


Q3.What do you see as your life mission?

My life Mission, a big question. On a personal level, it's all about finding inner peace and freedom. On a professional level, it's using my skill set to the best of my ability to be part of the solution, not the problem.


Q4.You have founded Green is The New Black 5 years ago, how have it changed your perspective towards life, entrepreneurship and values during this journey

Founding Green Is The New Black has been a wild ride, with lots of ups, downs and topsy turvy twists. I feel like I've completely changed as a person. I have been on a fast track growth path, had to face some pretty dark days, and confronted a lot of my inner beliefs and thought patterns. For me, the biggest battle has been dealing with anxiety, which took me years to admit and truly realizes. But as I've grown, confronted and accepted (which is still an ongoing journey) my values are becoming stronger. I'm the happiest and strongest I've ever been, and while I know there is still a long way to go, I'm fully in for the ride.

Before I started, I had no idea how difficult and challenging it was going to be. Now I have a whole new level of respect for all the entrepreneurs out there who are surviving and thriving. Since starting, I've learned to relax a lot more, to go with the flow. Realize that everything does happen at the right time and the right way, even if it doesn't make any sense at the time. It can be hard to face the hardships, but overcoming adversity is what makes us stronger, more resilient, and gives us the fulfilment and joy that we're looking for. So yes, I see things very differently now and am still a massive work in progress, but now I enjoy it. When we invest in my personal growth, the company grows too.


Q5. Could you describe in short what Green is The New Black is all about?

Green Is The New Blackis a lifestyle media platform that has two goals - firstly helping individuals to live more consciously, and secondly to connect them to responsible brands by amplifying their sustainability initiatives. We run Asia's first Conscious Festivals in both Singapore and Hong Kong, having gathered more than 15,000 people. And work closely with hotels, restaurants, and large-scale events to greener their operations and support their sustainability journeys.


As Singapore National day is around the corner, we would like to to hear your Singapore story:

Q1. What are your early memories of Singapore and what does Singapore means to you ?

Singapore has been my home for over 13 years, the longest I've ever lived in any country now. I've so many different iterations of my life here - from high school to coming back during holidays at Uni, to the first job, to now first company. In the early days, I remember what Clarke Quay use to be like - just a few little restaurants and stores selling fisherman pants or Orchard had a huge open green area that is now Ion. What I have always loved about Singapore is the pace, innovation, and investment into the infrastructure and growth. When you touch down at Changi Airport, it just feels like home.


Q2. What is your favourite place in Singapore and what it means to you? 

My favorite place in Singapore is Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. One of my favorite thing to do at the weekend is going there for a walk and be with nature. It's so calming, and you get your sweat on. Then we always end up walking to this amazing little Italian place after for a treat.


Q3. What is your opinion on Singapore’s green initiative and recent green movements ?

Like most places, Singapore is great in some green initiatives and could do better in others. This year Singapore declared the year of Zero Waste, and they have been actively engaging in public and private surveys to come up with their strategies and focuses. I'm looking forward to seeing what will be announced. As a nation, their focus on green buildings, keeping Singapore a 'garden city' and having clean drinking water for all is good. It would be great to see more emphasis on the reduction of single-use plastics, higher adoption of recycling rates, and electrifying the city.

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