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Summer Piet Travel Pouch is a collection of 100% organic travel skincare including cleansing oil, face mist, face oil, body oil, washcloth with a hand-knitted Piet travel pouch made in collaboration with Ock Pop Tok, social enterprise in Laos. FRANKSKINCARE shines lights on the understanding of our skin in the tropical region, formulating stellar solutions filled with genuine benefits from botanicals, tailored to tackle needy skin of various combinations.

Why collaborate with Ock Pop Tok?

FRANKSKINCARE have always been interested in adopting an environmental friendly approach towards all aspect of the brand and especially its packaging. This collaboration with Ock Pop Tok helps to showcase the beautiful Piet, a non-timber forest product and contribute back to Khmu Village with a travel skincare set curated around FRANKSKINCARE’S most raved three-step skincare ritual that cleans, rejuvenate and nourishes the face and body.

What does Ock Pop Tok represent ?

Ock Pop Tok was founded on the principles of fair trade and sustainable practices. In 2006, Ock Pop Tok initiated the Village Weavers Project to represent Lao's diverse ethnic groups and generate sustainable income for rural communities.

Each Summer Piet Travel Pouch includes:

  • one hand-knitted red piet travel pouch
  • one 15ml Magic Wipe Cleansing Oil
  • one Organic Bamboo Washcloth
  • one 15ml Face Mist
  • one 5ml Luxury Face Oil
  • one 15ml Luxury Body Oil
  • Skincare & pouch write-up

Select based on skin type

  • Combination/Normal Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Acne/Eczema/ultra Sensitive Skin
  • Pregnancy / Dry Skin


This pouch is a product of Khmu Village in Oudmxai, Laos, a remote community located north of the country. The majority of textile artisans are women in rural communities and this provides an additional income to for their family especially during the fallow years.


Jungle vine/Piet which is unique to Laos is a non-timber forest product (NTFP) that grows wide during the fallow years and has zero impact on the environment.


The color red is created from using natural dye such as Sappan Wood with a tiny mix of environmental safe chemicals that will be disposed in the 3 steps filtration system to ensure that the dye cause no harm to the environment.

Time Taken

It takes 8 hours to weave each pouch