Rose Quartz Wand



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Each order also come with a digital tutorial unique to this tool.

Wand is shaped like a literal wand. The side of the wand can be use to shape the face and massage along the jaw line. Reducing water retention and cover a larger surface area at each stroke. While the rounded tip could be used at around the acupuncture point in a short stroke motion to ease tension. 

Acupuncture point

Facial acupuncture is an extension of traditional acupuncture. it can help to make skin look younger, smoother and all-around healthier.

Put light pressure on each of the acupuncture point according to the map provided in digital tutorial. Spend some time on each point to reach the inner muscle.


Stroke from the center of the face towards the outer rim of face. Cover a large area each time following the map provided in the digital tutorial. Stroke each area at least 3-4 times with light pressure. 


After cleansing and toning, use beauty tools with face oil on moistured skin. This will also help your face oil to absorb better. Rose quartz help to keep temperature of product cool for massaging. Do this as much as once everyday. 

Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditioned love and self-care.

Bring a Rose Quartz to your heart and mediate with gratitude. Clear your mind. While concentrating on your breath, inhale love and exhale grudges and negativity buried within your core. Recognising your own need for compassion, forgiveness and understanding from yourself. 

How to care

Rose Quartz should be kept out of sun to keep colour from fading. Clean beauty tool with alcohol or water after every use. 

*Note- Each pieces of the rose quartz beauty tools are made unique and natural. Colour and appearance might have slight difference to the images and differ from each pieces.